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Rust Integration

To facilitate integration of your DEX with @jup-ag/core you need to provide a DEX SDK that allow us to implement the following interface:

pub trait Amm {
// Label of your Amm
fn label(&self) -> String;
// Identifier for your amm, should be your pool id
fn key(&self) -> Pubkey;
// The token mints that the pool support for swapping
fn get_reserve_mints(&self) -> Vec<Pubkey>;
// Related accounts to get the quote for swapping and creating ix
fn get_accounts_to_update(&self) -> Vec<Pubkey>;
// Picks data necessary to update it's internal state
fn update(&mut self, accounts_map: &HashMap<Pubkey, Vec<u8>>) -> Result<()>;
// Compute the quote from internal state
fn quote(&self, quote_params: &QuoteParams) -> Result<Quote>;

get_accounts_to_update provides the necessary accounts to fetch, they are batched and cached by the Jupiter core SDK and delivered through update to the AMM instance, there might be multiple calls to getQuote using the same cache so we do not allow any network calls in the entire implementation.

You can refer to the implementation guide below for easier integration with Jupiter.


  • We need to be able to fork your SDK as we want to guarantee our users we can maintain support and fix potential bugs related to integrated DEXs