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· 4 min read

We spent the last 2 weeks sharing an ethos for Jupiter’s community and debated how we can best rally and recognize what is important to us. You showed up with passion and ideas. And together, we thought really hard as a community about what matters to us.

The essence of why community is important is captured here: Without a community, we are just a website and code, much like how the body is just flesh and blood. The soul gives us life, and the community brings Jupiter alive.

· 6 min read

A strong community is at the heart of every good crypto protocol; especially for Jupiter, our community has been cheering us on, guiding development from day one, and filling in the team’s blindspots with talent and passion.

We wouldn’t have been the same without you.

· 9 min read

Over the last few months, Jupiter has become the key swap liquidity infrastructure for Solana growing to over $16B in trading volume, aggregating across 15 integrated DEXs and facilitating the liquidity flow of many key projects in the ecosystem.

What we've accomplished today has been the result of a successful collaboration between the team, the community, and the Solana ecosystem. Only through constant feedback and close collaboration with everyone, have we been able to continually work towards the JUP promise of providing the best price, best token selection, and best UX in DeFi.

As crypto captures more markets like banking, gaming, and payments, we believe Solana will be one of the key hubs for all that activity, with the number of applications, users, and protocols set to explode in the years to come.

Jupiter will provide the single liquidity endpoint for all these stakeholders to connect effortlessly and the swap infra to allow the entire ecosystem to scale exponentially. But, unlocking this growth requires the collective efforts of not just the team, but, a larger body of the community, ecosystem, and users working together.