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Welcome Catdet-veloper!


Build World Class Swap Experiences Now!‚Äč

Jupiter's goal is simple: Help you provide world class experiences for your users. We aim to do this with as little work as possible on your end, regardless of use case or need.

Jupiter offers a wide range of tools to make your life easy. Some of these tools include:

  • Swaps: One of the Fastest Swap APIs on Solana. Simply put in your desired pairs, amount, and slippage and receive your serialized transaction from the API to execute your swap.
  • Payments API: Quickly swap any token to USDC. Using this, you can specify an exact output token amount in any token (not just USDC).
  • Limit Orders: Place limit orders quickly and easily with Jupiter Limit Orders.
  • DCA: DCA into any SPL token with Jupiter's DCA program. Integrating into your use case is fast and simple!

For DEXes looking to integrate with Jupiter products, check out these resources:

  • Jupiter Terminal Jupiter Terminal provides an easy way to integrate an open-source and easy-to-use terminal in your app.

For projects who wants to make your token visible on the Strict list, see:

Learn how to use Jupiter products with our in-depth User guides.

For technical questions or partnership requests, please reach out to us in our discord: