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Jupiter Start: Community Intro

Jupiter Start: Community Introduction is to let Jupiter community members and users to learn more about new projects and tokens in the Solana ecosystem.

Each introduction and discussion will last about a week, in which the project will be featured on our discord forum.

  • We will help create a forum post for you to start posting information in when we commence the Jupiter Start: Intro

  • Ideally you have writing or graphics to share about your project’s idea, tokenomics and even more details things like proof of burn.

  • Our community members will then start asking questions and we will need you to start engaging our community.

  • Lastly, when introduction and discussion is done, and if the responses from the community are good and positive, we will tweet about it from Jupiter’s Twitter/X and share a few key highlights and start directing people to check out the post in which we feature your project.

Jupiter Discord:

Channel: #👋🏻・project-introduction