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Jupiter Start: Pre-Listing

Jupiter Start: Pre-Listing is designed to facilitate the seamless availability of a new token on Jupiter and other integrated platforms.

To participate, projects should meet the following requirements:

  • Introduce themselves in the Jupiter Start: Community Introduction and gain attestation from community members.

  • Specify the exact start time for liquidity to be added to the on-chain markets (this information will remain confidential).

  • Specify the pools and markets from which Jupiter needs to crawl (this information will remain confidential).

  • Add the new token to the Jupiter Token List.

Participating in this program offers several benefits for users:

  • Safety: Ensuring that the token is verified and preventing scams or duplicates.

  • Advanced trading: Enabling the new token to be traded on Jupiter's Limit Order and DCA platforms.

For projects, the benefits include:

  • Liquid token: The token becomes more liquid for potential buyers or sellers immediately after launch.

  • Visibility: The token will be available in the token selector and selectable by users before liquidity starts to flow. We will also promote it and direct traffic on our main swap site with a banner.

  • Tokens will be marked with a New tag to have more visibility


Do get in touch with us through Discord or Twitter/X if you want to coordinate the launch with us.