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Payments API: Convert Any Token to USDC

Jupiter's Payments API supports your payments use case. Utilize Jupiter + SolanaPay to pay for anything with any SPL token. With the Jupiter Payments API, you can specify an exact output token amount. The API doesn't just support output token to USDC, but to any SPL token!

Use Case

Payments or interaction with a protocol can require an exact amount of token B. Users might not have token A or prefer to hold other tokens long term. The Jupiter API allow building a swap transaction to receive an exact amount of token A for a maximum in amount of token B.

A Practical Example using the API

Bob is selling a delicious latte for 5 USDC. Alice wants to buy Bob's latte. The problem is, Alice only holds mSOL. Luckily, Bob can use the Jupiter Payments API to let Alice swap for exactly 5 USDC then transfer 5 USDC to his payment wallet.

First, we need to show Alice how much mSOL she will have to spend for the latte. To do this we use the GET /quote endpoint.

1. Get Quote

Retrieve a quote for swapping a specific amount of tokens.

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curl -s '' | jq '.inAmount, .otherAmountThreshold'


  • inputMint: The mint address of the input token (required).
  • outputMint: The mint address of the output token (required).
  • amount: The amount to swap, factoring in the token decimals (required).
  • slippageBps: Slippage tolerance in basis points (default 50 unless autoSlippage is set to true).
  • swapMode: Can be ExactIn or ExactOut (default ExactIn).
  • dexes: List of DEXes to include (optional).
  • excludeDexes: List of DEXes to exclude (optional).
  • restrictIntermediateTokens: Restrict to a top token set for stable liquidity (optional).
  • onlyDirectRoutes: Limit to single hop routes only (optional, default false).
  • asLegacyTransaction: Use legacy transactions (optional, default false).
  • platformFeeBps: Fee to charge in BPS (optional).
  • maxAccounts: Max accounts to be used for the quote (optional).
  • autoSlippage: Enable smart slippage (optional, default false).
  • maxAutoSlippageBps: Max slippage BPS for smart slippage (optional).
  • autoSlippageCollisionUsdValue: Custom USD value for calculating slippage impact (optional).


200: OKSuccess Response
"inputMint": "mSoLzYCxHdYgdzU16g5QSh3i5K3z3KZK7ytfqcJm7So",
"inAmount": "23698263",
"outputMint": "EPjFWdd5AufqSSqeM2qN1xzybapC8G4wEGGkZwyTDt1v",
"outAmount": "5000000",
"otherAmountThreshold": "23816755",
"swapMode": "ExactOut",
"slippageBps": 50,
"platformFee": null,
"priceImpactPct": "0",
"routePlan": [
"swapInfo": {
"ammKey": "8EzbUfvcRT1Q6RL462ekGkgqbxsPmwC5FMLQZhSPMjJ3",
"label": "Raydium CLMM",
"inputMint": "mSoLzYCxHdYgdzU16g5QSh3i5K3z3KZK7ytfqcJm7So",
"outputMint": "So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112",
"inAmount": "23698263",
"outAmount": "28158132",
"feeAmount": "1992",
"feeMint": "mSoLzYCxHdYgdzU16g5QSh3i5K3z3KZK7ytfqcJm7So"
"percent": 100
"swapInfo": {
"ammKey": "CSP4RmB6kBHkKGkyTnzt9zYYXDA8SbZ5Do5WfZcjqjE4",
"label": "Whirlpool",
"inputMint": "So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112",
"outputMint": "hntyVP6YFm1Hg25TN9WGLqM12b8TQmcknKrdu1oxWux",
"inAmount": "28158132",
"outAmount": "100994175",
"feeAmount": "1",
"feeMint": "So11111111111111111111111111111111111111112"
"percent": 100
"swapInfo": {
"ammKey": "5LnAsMfjG32kdUauAzEuzANT6YmM3TSRpL1rWsCUDKus",
"label": "Whirlpool",
"inputMint": "hntyVP6YFm1Hg25TN9WGLqM12b8TQmcknKrdu1oxWux",
"outputMint": "EPjFWdd5AufqSSqeM2qN1xzybapC8G4wEGGkZwyTDt1v",
"inAmount": "100994175",
"outAmount": "5000000",
"feeAmount": "131292",
"feeMint": "hntyVP6YFm1Hg25TN9WGLqM12b8TQmcknKrdu1oxWux"
"percent": 100
"contextSlot": 267155237,
"timeTaken": 0.010184745
default Error Response
"errorCode": "string",
"error": "string"

Currently, only Orca Whirlpool, Raydium CLMM, and Raydium CPMM support ExactOut mode. All token pairs may not be available in this mode. To see more price options use ExactIn mode.

Then Bob creates the transaction with the POST /swap endpoint, and adds a 5 USDC token transfer from Alice to his payment wallet using the destinationTokenAccount argument, which Alice will verify, sign and send.

2. Post Swap

Returns a transaction that you can use from the quote you get from GET /quote.

Try it live in the playground: POST


In the example below, we assume the associated token account exists on destinationTokenAccount.

import { PublicKey, Connection, Keypair, VersionedTransaction, VersionedMessage, TransactionMessage } from '@solana/web3.js';
import { getAssociatedTokenAddress, TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID, ASSOCIATED_TOKEN_PROGRAM_ID } from '@solana/spl-token';
import fetch from 'node-fetch';

// Replace with actual valid base58 public keys
const USDC_MINT = new PublicKey('EPjFWdd5AufqSSqeM2qN1xzybapC8G4wEGGkZwyTDt1v'); // USDC mint address
const bobWalletPublicKey = new PublicKey('BUX7s2ef2htTGb2KKoPHWkmzxPj4nTWMWRgs5CSbQxf9'); // Bob's wallet address

// Establish a connection to the Solana cluster
const connection = new Connection('');

// Replace these with actual valid base58 public keys
const feeAccount = new PublicKey('ReplaceWithActualValidBase58Key'); // Replace with actual fee account public key
const trackingAccount = new PublicKey('ReplaceWithActualValidBase58Key'); // Replace with actual tracking account public key

// Ensure these are valid base58 strings
console.log("USDC_MINT:", USDC_MINT.toBase58());
console.log("bobWalletPublicKey:", bobWalletPublicKey.toBase58());
console.log("feeAccount:", feeAccount.toBase58());
console.log("trackingAccount:", trackingAccount.toBase58());

// Get the associated token account for Bob's wallet
async function getBobUSDCTokenAccount(bobWalletKeypair) {
const bobUSDCTokenAccount = await getAssociatedTokenAddress(
return bobUSDCTokenAccount;

// Step 1: Fetch swap info
async function fetchSwapInfo() {
const response = await fetch('');
const data = await response.json();
return {
inAmount: data.inAmount,
otherAmountThreshold: data.otherAmountThreshold,
quoteResponse: data

// Step 2: Fetch the swap transaction
async function fetchSwapTransaction(swapUserKeypair, bobUSDCTokenAccount, swapInfo) {
const requestBody = {
userPublicKey: swapUserKeypair.publicKey.toBase58(),
wrapAndUnwrapSol: true,
useSharedAccounts: true,
feeAccount: feeAccount.toBase58(), // Use actual key
trackingAccount: trackingAccount.toBase58(), // Use actual key
prioritizationFeeLamports: 0, // No prioritization fee in this case
asLegacyTransaction: false,
useTokenLedger: false,
destinationTokenAccount: bobUSDCTokenAccount.toBase58(),
dynamicComputeUnitLimit: true,
skipUserAccountsRpcCalls: true,
quoteResponse: swapInfo.quoteResponse

const response = await fetch('', {
method: 'POST',
headers: {
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
body: JSON.stringify(requestBody),

const { swapTransaction, lastValidBlockHeight } = await response.json();
return { swapTransaction, lastValidBlockHeight };

// Step 3: Send the transaction to the Solana blockchain
async function sendTransaction(swapTransaction, swapUserKeypair, lastValidBlockHeight) {
const versionedMessage = VersionedMessage.deserialize(Buffer.from(swapTransaction, 'base64'));
const transaction = new VersionedTransaction(versionedMessage);

// Get the recent blockhash
// Using 'finalized' commitment to ensure the blockhash is final and secure
// You may experiment with 'processed' or 'confirmed' for fetching blockhash to increase speed
// Reference:
const bhInfo = await connection.getLatestBlockhashAndContext({ commitment: "finalized" });
transaction.recentBlockhash = bhInfo.value.blockhash;
transaction.feePayer = swapUserKeypair.publicKey;

// Print keys involved in the transaction to diagnose issues
console.log("Keys in Transaction:", transaction.instructions.flatMap(instr => => k.pubkey.toBase58())));

// Sign the transaction with the swap user's keypair

// Simulate the transaction to ensure it will succeed
// Using 'finalized' commitment for the simulation to match the security level of the actual send
// You may experiment with 'confirmed' or 'processed' to simulate faster, but keep in mind the risks
// Reference:
const simulation = await connection.simulateTransaction(transaction, { commitment: "finalized" });
if (simulation.value.err) {
throw new Error(`Simulation failed: ${simulation.value.err.toString()}`);

// Send the transaction
try {
const signature = await connection.sendTransaction(transaction, {
// NOTE: Adjusting maxRetries to a lower value for trading, as 20 retries can be too much
// Experiment with different maxRetries values based on your tolerance for slippage and speed
// Reference:
maxRetries: 5,
skipPreflight: true,
preflightCommitment: "finalized",

// Confirm the transaction
// Using 'finalized' commitment to ensure the transaction is fully confirmed
// Reference:
const confirmation = await connection.confirmTransaction({
blockhash: bhInfo.value.blockhash,
lastValidBlockHeight: bhInfo.value.lastValidBlockHeight,
}, "finalized");

if (confirmation.value.err) {
throw new Error(`Transaction not confirmed: ${confirmation.value.err.toString()}`);

console.log("Confirmed: ", signature);
} catch (error) {
console.error("Failed: ", error);
throw error;

// Example usage
(async () => {
try {
// Generate keypairs for swap user and Bob's wallet, replace with actual keypairs for real usage
const swapUserKeypair = Keypair.generate();
const bobWalletKeypair = Keypair.generate(); // Replace this with Bob's actual keypair

// Ensure the bobUSDCTokenAccount is correct
const bobUSDCTokenAccount = await getBobUSDCTokenAccount(bobWalletKeypair);

// Step 1: Fetch swap info
const swapInfo = await fetchSwapInfo();

// Step 2: Fetch the swap transactions
const { swapTransaction, lastValidBlockHeight } = await fetchSwapTransaction(swapUserKeypair, bobUSDCTokenAccount, swapInfo);

// Step 3: Send the transaction to the blockchain
await sendTransaction(swapTransaction, swapUserKeypair, lastValidBlockHeight);
} catch (error) {
console.error('Error:', error);

If you want to add your own fees, check out: Adding Your Own Fees