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About Jupiter Legacy Transaction

Latest v6 API only return one swapTransaction when asLegacyTransaction=true is supplied to enable legacy transaction. So you no longer need to do a setup or cleanup transaction anymore.

Due to transaction size limits, only certain amms can be swap through together.

Swap Success / Failure‚Äč

  • The typical swap success rate for Jupiter is 93.7% excluding failures due to slippage.
  • One of the most prominent errors is the UI not limiting the input amount properly resulting in trying to swap with more tokens than the user has available.
    • The errors for this is {"Custom":1} from Token Program and {"Custom":40} from Raydium AMM.
  • {"Custom":6000} is slippage rate failure.
  • You may see lower swap success rate if...
    • You use the SDK and are not limiting the intermediate tokens to the most liquid tokens. By default, the SDK will use all tokens as intermediary tokens.
    • Your trade sizes are very small, < $1.
    • In this case the swap route will route through the long tail of token markets which are not very durable and can disappear as another swap takes it.
    • But this is generally not a real-world swap.