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Migrating the API or SDK

Migrating the API

From v3 to v4

  • You do not have to support Versioned Transactions to migrate to v4. You can set the parameterasLegacyTransaction=true to have the api return a legacy swap transaction.
  • V3 used Legacy transactions. V4 has migrated to use Versioned Transactions with Address Lookup Tables.
  • With VersionedTransaction and Address Lookup Tables, all Jupiter swaps are done in a single transaction so no longer a need to handle sequentially sending more than one transaction.
  • Use VersionedTransaction.deserialize to deserialize the transaction object in order to insert your own instructions in the transaction.
  • V4 swagger:

From v1 to v3

Migrating the SDK

From v2 to v3

From v1 to v2